Just in Time for ‘Times’ McCain Scuffle, ‘Time’ Editor Says Papers Shouldn’t Endorse Candidates

• What is the New York Police Department’s policy for awarding press credentials? Journalists wonder the same thing. [NYT]
Time managing editor Rick Stengel ponders why newspapers endorse political candidates at a time when news consumers doubt the objectivity of the media. [Time]
• Details of the deal that Newsweek struck with George W. Bush’s former brain have emerged: It’s a two-year, sixteen-column contract. [NYO]

• It’s a trifecta to be reckoned with: Google, George Soros, and Pierre Omidyar band together to invest in businesses in India. [DealBook/NYT]
• Is the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States seeing red flags after a Chinese-government fund invested in Blackstone and Morgan Stanley? [DealBook/NYT]
• Not everyone is bummed out by the current economic climate. Restructuring firms like New York’s Alvarez & Marsal live for situations like the credit crunch. [Fortune]

• A judge ruled that the deliverymen who had been fired from the Upper West Side and Greenwich Village Saigon Grill eateries must be reinstated. This is good news for those who like to speed dial for Bun Xao and La Sa Tom. [NYT]
• New York City will pay a $6.5 million settlement to a man who lost part of his leg in the October 2003 Staten Island ferry crash. [NYDN]
• A Bronx landlord receives nine days in jail and a $156,000 fine for failing to correct more than 2,000 housing code violations — at one property. [NYO]