Katie Couric Must Really Hate Goldfish

• Katie Couric’s YouTube channel provides real service journalism: While chitchatting with Joe Biden, the CBS anchor recommends viewers tune into her favorite viral video — the one where a little girl watches her goldfish get flushed down the toilet. [HuffPo]
• The New York Times op-ed columnists can’t endorse political candidates. This “isn’t a problem” for Maureen Dowd because she doesn’t “do a partisan column.” [NYO]
• Vegas, take note: Big Apple broadsheets are front-runners in the race for the Pulitzers. [E&P]

• The boxing match between MBIA chairman Jay Brown and Pershing Square investor William Ackman continues. Brown hit his nemesis with a one-two punch yesterday in a letter to investors, saying Ackman “will stop at nothing to increase his already enormous personal profits as he systematically tries to destroy our franchise and our industry.” [Deal Journal/WSJ]
• “As of right now, U.S. economic growth is at zero,” says Alan Greenspan, former Federal Reserve chairman. [Telegraph]
• As if that isn’t bad enough, the dollar hits a new low against the euro. [CNN]
• Things could get ugly at the UBS shareholders meeting today. [DealBook/Bloomberg]

• Disbarred personal-injury lawyer Keith Rubinstein is living large. [Above the Law]
• The city has agreed to pay more than $20 million to settle a lawsuit claiming that the Department of Parks and Recreation racially discriminated against employees. [NYT]
• Aaron Charney, the Sullivan & Cromwell underling whose successfully sued the firm for homophobia after a partner threw papers on the floor and said, “Bend over and pick it up — I’m sure you like that,” among other things, apparently used some of the spoils to buy a $1.5 million condo. [NYO]