Miss Brooklyn Pageant Roiled by Scandal

The Miss Brooklyn Pageant, recently revived after a sixteen-year hiatus, is already enmeshed in scandal, though not of the topless-Facebook-photos variety. At least, not yet. Anyway, as it turns out, this year’s winner, 22-year-old Leigh-Taylor Smith, who was crowned after she charmed the audience at Long Island University’s Kumble Theater last week with her off-key rendition of “Nobody Does It Like Me,” lives in Manhattan. And that’s not all! The Brooklyn Paper did some digging, and now they have revealed that the judges were not only aware of this fact, they chose to turn a blind eye. “We only had a few committed girls from Brooklyn,” Kim Thomas, the executive director of the Miss Brooklyn Scholarship Program, explained to the paper. “We couldn’t have a contest with only three girls.”

Miss Brooklyn is from … Manhattan [Brooklyn Paper]