Nicole Richie to Sing on Broadway; Hundreds of Nonworking Actors to Howl Silently


Photo: WireImage

Although her musical attempts have never really made it past the Internet-leaking stage and her dance work has been confined to the banquettes at Teddy’s, Nicole Richie has apparently been offered the part of Roxie Hart in a Broadway production of Chicago. “It would give her a reason to really show her talent,” a “source” told Us Weekly. The source, who is clearly not a publicist for Richie or anything, added that “people are really excited about Nicole right now … 2008 is going to be really exciting for her.” Not to mention for us! The presence of the Richie-Maddens in New York could jump start the celebrity diaspora that Angelina and Brad stunted when they left town in October. There’s one potential fly in the ointment, though: “You have to be able to act, dance and sing,” to be on Broadway, Robert Viagas, founder of tells Us. “If you pull off all three, the entertainment world notices.” And if you don’t, everyone notices.

Nicole Richie Offered Lead Role in Chicago [Us Weekly]
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