‘Queen of Delancey Street’ Killed in Accident

Dumbo: From the offices of “legendary” Brooklyn Paper editor (and self-encourager) Gersh Kuntzman comes news that he’s auctioning off his ankle cast, signed by (self-encouraging) beep Marty Markowitz, with proceeds going to Markowitz’s Camp Brooklyn. The bid’s up to $41! [eBay]
Jamaica: Sure, Jamaica Center may look a bit rough, but you can still haggle over prices here, and find great real-estate deals posted to trees! [Queens Crap]
Lower East Side: RIP to Josephine LaPlaca, the 83-year-old “Queen of Delancey Street,” who was struck dead by a car Wednesday night at the dangerous intersection of Delancey and Allen. [Gothamist]

Park Slope: The bar/bocce place Union Hall has semi-lifted its ban on babies and strollers after Slope moms went apeshit. But isn’t it sad that the owner wouldn’t have had to do this in the first place if a cluster of parents hadn’t let their kids roam free with those bocce balls in the air? You know who you are, and you’re unfit to be parents. At least in the Slope. [Gothamist]
Prospect Heights: A federal appeals court has dismissed the last major legal challenge to the Atlantic Yards project, but protesters say they’ll appeal the decision all the way to the U.S. Supremes, crying, “Stop in the name of scale, context, and density!” [Curbed]
Randalls Island: In other court rulings, the city can’t go ahead and sell off the best playing-field time here to a contingent of rich private schools without putting the decision through the City Council. [NYT]
West Village: Thanks to Momoli’s Plexiglass Playtower, rich kids can pretend to live in the same glass-walled penthouses that … well, that they and their parents do live in! And at $350, it’s only $130 per square foot. [Vanishing New York]