So What Does the Liberal Media Think of Ralph Nader’s Latest Presidential Bid?

Ralph Nader

Photo: Getty Images

We’ll admit it, we spent most of yesterday thinking about the Oscars. We tried to do our other normal Sunday things (hating the people in Page Six Magazine, hating the people in the New York Times wedding pages, hating Chris Matthews for having that voice so early in the morning), but most of the day was really devoted to looking forward to seeing George Clooney in a tux. And when Ralph Nader announced that he was running for president again, it was a small blip on our mental radar. (Come on, in competition with imagining what it would be like to be George’s human cummerbund, it didn’t stand much of a chance.) So this morning we decided to look online to see what other, less absurd members of the media, thought about the news. And it didn’t take much digging to discover the general, um, sentiment. An assortment of news headlines:

• Nader, spoiling for a fight, says he’ll run yet again. [LA Times]
Spoilin’ for a Prez Run, Says Nader [NYDN]
• Nader’s back, spoiling for another White House fight [AFP
• Nader enters race, rejecting label of potential ’spoiler’ [Boston Globe]
• Ron Paul: Spoiler? [U.S. News & World Report]

This is going to be fun, isn’t it?