The City Takes On the Squirrel House

Cobble Hill: Whether that house on Kane Street where the old lady lives is infested with rats or squirrels is now a moot point — the city’s ordered her to vacate, and trusty NY1 is on the story! [Lost NYC]
Greenwich Village: The Department of Buildings is bitter because the developer of the units that went up over landmark Circle in the Square theater lied and said they’d be used for dorms. They’re not, meaning no zoning breaks. Meaning pare down those hideous balconies! [Villager]
Lower Manhattan: Also bitter are Seaport locals, who laughed in the face of moguls last night who offered them community use of the Fulton Market floor where the “Bodies” exhibit is in exchange for development. Looks like they want waaaay more public space than that. [Downtown Express]

Park Slope: Uh-oh, Slope haters are getting creative … just check out this sign featuring a latte-swilling pram pusher and marking directions to the “gentrified playground” and the “doggy bakery.” [Gothamist]
Red Hook: Forget the plans for condos, a marina, and a beer garden. Per a new deal, the piers here will remain the home of the stevedores for at least another decade. [NYDN]
Soho:Trump’s lawyers take protesters of his condo-hotel to task for suggesting that an upcoming hearing about the project was set up because of the recent death on the construction site. In reality, it had been scheduled long before that. But at least the builders acknowledge that the fatality was an “incident.” You know, kind of like a “mishap” or a “boo-boo.” [Curbed]
South Slope: The city admits that, yeah, it kind of messed up when it didn’t require all those new ugly condos going up on Fourth Avenue to have ground-floor retail instead of, you know, parking lots, blank walls, and industrial vents. Live and learn, Planning Department! [Streetsblog]