The Gray Lady Lets Jim Impoco Come Crawling Back

• Fired Portfolio editor Jim Impoco makes his comeback at The New York Times Magazine, where he’ll be a consulting editor. [NYO]
NBC puts its traditional glitzy advertising on the back burner. That’s really too bad for the girl who was hoping to be assigned to keep tabs on John Krasinski during the day of the presentations. [NYP]
• Nielsen CEO David Calhoun charts a new course for his media-measuring company. [Fortune]

• The sumo-wrestling match between Microsoft and Yahoo continues, as a proxy contest to oust Yahoo’s board is seemingly in the works. [Fortune]
• Investor William Ackman has a plan to save bond insurers. [CNBC]
• Good news for those laid off in the finance sector: You can still get a bonus by way of the Mega Millions. There was no winner in last night’s drawing; the jackpot is now up to $270 million. [AP]

• Instead of throwing medium-risk youth delinquents into the clinker, the city’s Juvenile Justice Initiative provides therapy for offenders. [NYT]
• Five Lancer Group hedge-fund workers have been indicted on charges of conspiracy and wire fraud. [DealBook/NYT]
• The case involving a man charged with murdering an Upper East Side therapist raises questions about the legal standard for insanity, which is “very different from what most laymen and even psychiatrists would consider crazy behavior.” [NYT]