The PATH Train to Be Awash With Green This Weekend

Bushwick: This Shwick blogger thinks the “Bushwick Initiative is just the City putting a sad little band-aid on the giant ax wound it created in New York’s housing situation.” But these rehabbed buildings do look nicer… [BushwickBK]
Hoboken: Duders, the St. Patrick’s Day parade is this Saturday! That’s early, even for Hoboken! [East Village Idiot]
New Springville: Staten Island cops are searching for a man who snatched a woman from a bus stop here and sexually assaulted her last night. He was 18–20 years old and 5’5”, so keep your eyes peeled. [NY1]

Park Slope: The athletic center at the armory here is open for business. It has a totally awesome composite rubber track, just so you can relive your high-school track traumas. [Brownstoner]
Soho: Now the Soho Alliance is trying to use the private closet spaces for rent in the new Trump Soho as another way to disqualify its permits. People, it’s up already. It already ruined the neighborhood! [Curbed]
Staten Island: A teacher at Port Richmond High School is accused of submitting fake receipts in an effort to steal $2,000 from the school. She even took money from the school’s robotics team! Now that’s just wrong! [Staten Island Advance]