The Plaza Will Soon Let You Throw Money at It Again

Gowanus: The Gowanus Village is on the market for $27 million, and Curbed has a photo gallery, including shots of the “beautiful canal waterfront.” [Brownstoner]
Lower Manhattan: Today is the fifteenth anniversary of the 1993 World Trade Center bombing. The visitor center down there will have a public program at 7 p.m. in remembrance. [WTC Visitor’s Center]
Midtown: The Plaza’s final opening date is scheduled for March 1. It starts at only $1,000 a night. But that comes with wireless! [NYT]

Park Slope: Coming soon to Bergen Street between Flatbush and Fifth: outposts for both tot emporium Gymboree and adult-entertainment chain Babeland. Hey, you can get toys at both… [Brownstoner]
Staten Island: Toll hikes on the three bridges accessing the Isle will go into effect Sunday. If you have a low-emission vehicle, you can get a discount Green Pass. [Staten Island Advance]
Washington Square: Look, you guys! This Starbucks wrote you a sweet love letter. Which will quickly turn sour when you go for your caffeine fix this afternoon and feel the sting of rejection. [Gothamist]