Keith Olbermann and Glenn Beck Display Surprising Compassion for Each Other

Glenn Beck

Photo: WireImage, Getty Images

Liberal MSNBC host Keith Olbermann has called right-wing CNN host Glenn Beck “a dangerously bigoted guy.” Glenn Beck has called Keith Olbermann an “intolerant ideologue” whose ideas “smack of…McCarthyism.” But it turns out that behind the partisan rhetoric, they’re actually quite tolerant of one another. “If I saw Olbermann standing on the subway [platform], I might think for a moment about pushing him, but I wouldn’t,” Beck tells the Daily News today. “If he [Beck] fell in front of a train,” Olbermann responded, “I hope I’d have the courage to emulate Wesley Autry and try to save him.” Well, we guess among TV talk-show hosts, that’s about as warm and fuzzy as it gets.

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