‘Vanity Fair’ Goes to the Schneighborhood

Palazzo Chupi

Photo: Robert Polidori/Courtesy of Vanity Fair

As you may know, we at Intel have something of an obsession with the big, pink artist-auteur Julian Schnabel and his big, pink West Village home, the Palazzo Chupi. The Chupi is not just a real-estate development: It is a monument to Baby-Boomer Bohemian Bourgeois lifestyle, containing as it does not only the family Schnabel, but the actor Richard Gere (Maharishi, RIP) and some guy from Credit Suisse, as well as 180 casement-ed windows, earthenware-and-marble bathtubs, cast-concrete countertops, and several hundred emerald-green terra-cotta tiles. It’s also kind of a poignant monument to Schnabel’s career. In the March issue of Vanity Fair, Ingrid Sischy details the making of what she calls his Gesamtkunstwerk (“total artwork”), from when Schnabel first moved into the $2.1 million building (“He covered the walls with red velvet, brought in a few possessions, including Picasso’s Femme au Chapeau, and ran The Godfather on his VCR 24 hours a day”) to the present (“Bono, Johnny Depp, Martha Stewart, Hugh Jackman, and Madonna have all checked out the remaining residences for sale, at prices ranging for $27 million to $32 million”). There’s symbolism here that we don’t want to quite contemplate. But look at the pictures after the jump! They’re Schnabulous.

Palazzo Chupi 2

Where Schnabel schwims.Photo: Robert Polidori/Courtesy of Vanity Fair

Palazzo Chupi 3

Where the Schnabels schtride around.Photo: Robert Polidori/Courtesy of Vanity Fair

Palazzo Chupi 4

Where the Schnabels schleep.Photo: Robert Polidori/Courtesy of Vanity Fair