Chace Crawford and Ed Westwick Are Just Roommates, Okay?!

Please say there are bunk beds?Photo: WireImage

Gossip Girl star Ed Westwick says he and co-star Chace Crawford aren’t gay; they just live together. Oprah BFF Gayle King moved into a $7.1 million penthouse on East 57th Street that was purchased in name of Oprah’s dead dog, Sophie. A nude portrait of France’s current First Lady, Carla Bruni, taken back in 1993 will go up for sale at Christie’s next month. JPMorgan chief Jamie Dimon had to work on Easter. Barack Obama’s controversial pastor, the Reverend Jeremiah Wright, spent Easter lounging at the Ritz in Puerto Rico. ABC will likely cancel Cashmere Mafia, though no official decision has been made. A bunch of tabloid editors think they can see right through the stunts Ashton Kutcher is trying to pull on them in his new E! show, Pop Fiction.

Elijah Wood and Lance Armstrong hung out with Playboy Playmates at SXSW. Grey’s Anatomy star Justin Chambers got a vasectomy (he’s already got five kids). Fall Out Boy is attempting to become the first band ever to play all seven continents by staging a show in Antarctica later this week. Ol’ Dirty Bastard’s widow and mother are still battling over the late rapper’s fortune. The Wayans brothers knocked back four bottles of litchi sake at Suzie Wong’s. Two hundred folks posed naked in the Four Seasons’ Pool Room for an art project. Jared Kushner is still living in the same two-bedroom Noho apartment he’s rented since graduating from Harvard but says he’s now looking to buy. France’s former First Lady, Cécilia Sarkozy, got married to special-events planner Richard Attias in an intimate ceremony at the Rainbow Room on Sunday. A self-styled Persian prince named David Zandi is trying to convince Disney execs that he should star in Prince of Persia: Sands of Time, but they’re not buying it. Andrew Lloyd Webber has written music for his upcoming Phantom of the Opera sequel but has neither a name for the play nor lyrics for the songs. Police officers were casualties of war at International Pillow Fight Day in Union Square. Paris Hilton thinks “West Africa” is a country.