Mandy Moore and Ryan Adams Are Dating? Sweet! And Sensitive.

Mandy Moore Ryan Adams

It was inevitable, really. Photo: Getty Images

Actress-singer Mandy Moore is dating angster-singer Ryan Adams, In Touch is reporting. This is of note for several reasons:

• They must have fallen for one another while working closely together on her album Wild Hope last year. Wasn’t he still with Jessica Joffe then?
• She has dated Zach Braff, Andy Roddick, and Wilmer Valderrama. In other words, Adams is venturing into territory where no true hipster has gone before.
• They must have been keeping this quiet, because Moore is followed by paparazzi frequently. Though, to be fair, the kind of photogs who follow her would have no idea who Ryan Adams is.
• Adams has previously dated Parker Posey and Winona Ryder. In other words, Moore is venturing into territory where several offbeat brunette actresses have gone before.

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