Amy Sacco Could Have Told You Eliot Spitzer Was a Lying No-Goodnik


Sacco sizes ‘em up.Photo: Patrick McMullan

“I always knew Spitzer was a crook, and I hated everyone telling me that he was such a great guy,” Amy Sacco told us at the Cinema Society screening of Flawless. “You know why? Because when I met him, his energy was horrible,” she added, and then revealed the mysterious key to getting into her exclusive club, Bungalow 8. “That’s how I do my door,” Sacco told us. “I can tell someone has energy or not based on the way that I can feel it.” Sacco says that’s also how she decides who she’ll do business with, and even whether she likes a person. And while she says her gut is not 100 percent right, she never liked Spitzer. “He gave me an ill feeling; there was a certain essence of sleaze about him, and there you go.” If only Silda Wall had had Amy’s capabilities. —Bennett Marcus

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