Anderson Cooper Morphs Into an I-Banker Before James Carville’s Very Eyes


The flap over Democratic strategist James Carville’s calling New Mexico governor Bill Richardson a “Judas” for his recent endorsement of Barack Obama had people hot and bothered up and down the Beltway and the airwaves yesterday. Us? We would listen to anything James Carville had to say just because we can’t look away from his alien face. Our own lover boy, Anderson Cooper, was so visibly annoyed last night by his guest’s hemming, hawing (and hedging too!) that he actually lapsed into sputtering fratty surf-speak at the Clinton pal’s disingenuous claims that he was “not of the Washington world” and had never worked for the government. “Dude, aren’t you Mr. Washington?” he shot back. Oh, Manderson, we do so love it when you get all vehement like that. After this little repartee, Carville and Cooper met backstage to determine which of them could sound the least ridiculous when saying “Nawlins” on national television. —Maggie Shnayerson

[Via HuffPo]