At Least Someone on Wall Street Is Thinking About Horticulture

•Wall Street banks are “eating up” $32.9 billion a day in emergency loans from the Fed. Yum! [NYP]
• Seventy-five-year-old Julian Robertson is “one Wall Street titan with strong convictions about horticulture.” [Fortune]
• Speaking of trimming hedges, despite the economic climate, not as many hedge funds are closing this year compared to years past. [DealBook/NYT]

• The New York Times did not plagiarize Newsweek in that Argentina story, an editor says. It’s just that they both saw Buenos Aires as “a throbbing hothouse of cool.” [NYO]
• Reporters from CBS and NBC were on the Bosnia trip with Hillary Clinton. So why was it Sinbad who busted Hillary Clinton’s fib? [Feed]
• The Atlantic stole publisher Jay Rauf from Wired, and Wired stole publisher Chris Mitchell from Details. [WWD]

• Bear Stearns exec Douglas Sharon tried to jump ship to Morgan Stanley, but a court said he needs to give a 90-day notice before resigning. Um, but whom does he give notice to? [NYT]
• Grammy nominated Remy Ma was convicted of a 2007 shooting. She faces up to 25 years in the clinker. [NYT]
• Speaking of hip-hoppers, here’s one NYU law-school grad who went on to become a rapper. His new record is aptly called Law and Order. [Legal Blog Watch]