Brooklyn Bridge Park May Be Bad for the Fishes

Brooklyn Heights: In addition to being way over budget, long-planned Brooklyn Bridge Park may damage marine life with its expected rowing and kayaking facilities, says state enviro-honchos. [Brownstoner]
Chelsea: Work has been stopped on “car-chitect” (he-he) Annabelle Selldorf’s much-hyped condo tower that allows folks to take their car right up to their own sky-high garages. “The pillars forming the exterior walls are misaligned,” says a city buildings-department flack. “This could be characterized as a structural deficiency.” Gee, you really think so? [Curbed]
Coney Island: In the era of whole hoods going bank branch and condo, don’t you just want to smack someone for grumping that the historic Child’s Restaurant building will become a roller rink this summer? Come on, Grumpums, that’s cool! [NYDN]

Flatbush: Oh God, now they’re getting all misty-eyed about the good old days in the gay online bulletin board (BBS) community. (This blogger’s favorite board was called the BackRoom, natch). Talk about hyperniche nostalgia gone too far. [Flatbush Gardener]
Red Hook: The city told the firemen here that their big logo calling themselves “The Happy Hookers” was inappropriate and to get rid of it, but so far they haven’t. Saucy! [Gothamist]
Upper East Side: We just have to say once again, we love how this charmed-with-herself yuppie newlywed wife blogs about the banalities of her UES domestic life as though That Girl or Mad About You never happened. [Sex and the UES]
Washington Heights: This hood leads the city in noise complaints. Well, duh, people are always singing and dancing up there in the streets and shit … haven’t you seen the new Broadway documentary about it? [NYP]