Brooklyn Judges Mockable, Stalkable

Man, people who believe in the environment are hilarious, huh? The picture above is of members of the group Transportation Alternatives, who are mocking a group of Brooklyn judges planning to sue the city because they’re losing their cozy parking spaces. The parking spaces, which are directly adjacent to Borough Hall, will be reabsorbed into Columbus Park, reports the Brooklyn Paper. The judges will have to walk two additional blocks to an underground garage in the future, which causes them to worry about their safety. “This is a legitimate security question,” argued Canarsie councilman Lew Fidler. “This is not about perks.” Fidler and the judges argue that deranged people, perhaps ones convicted by the judges, might be able to harass the men and women of the court on their way to the lots. Transportation Alternatives spokesman Wiley Norville (yes, that’s a real name) called the judges’ protests “a total farce — it’s insulting but it’s also comical.” Which is funny, because we would say that description more aptly describes the above protest than anything else.

Judges Fight For Free Parking [Brooklyn Paper]