Can’t Keep a Rudy Giuliani Down, No Matter How Much You Wish You Could


Photo Illustration: Getty Images,
Courtesy of Tristar Pictures

You know that one Rudy, the one you couldn’t help but love for his unshaking belief in his cause, his dogged persistence in the face of adversity, and his insistence on getting back up when he got knocked down (over and over and over)? Well, unfortunately for us, that Rudy is starring in random Law & Order episodes to handle his post-Trilogy fatigue. This one, on the other hand, is apparently considering a run for the governor’s spot in a special election this fall, should David Paterson be forced to resign. Okay, Rudikins, that presidential bid didn’t go so hot. And your sex life isn’t exactly squeaky clean. Not to mention, could you give Paterson, like, a week before planning for his downfall?

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