Katie Couric Goes There With Larry King

• Fox is refusing to pay a $91,000 FCC-imposed fine for a 2003 broadcast of Married by America that featured footage of strippers at bachelor and bachelorette parties. Has the FCC never seen The Search for the Next Pussycat Doll? Or, you know, TV? [Bloomberg]
• Katie Couric snaps an unsuspecting Larry King’s suspenders. [NYO]
• Someone twisted GQ writer John Jeremiah Sullivan’s arm into apologizing for his made-up trend story about animal attacks in the February issue, despite the fact that it said right in it that it was fake. “I am totally unable to explain what ‘Violence of the Lambs’ was, or was meant to be,” he says in a note of contrition in the April issue. We can tell you what it was: Hilarious. [WWD]

• The Federal Reserve’s PDAs with Wall Street are making some people uncomfortable. [Business Week]
• JPMorgan Chase made a whopping $1.36 billion on Visa’s IPO. “It’s hard to raise that kind of cash in today’s market,” an analyst said. [CNN]
• More than 20,000 more layoffs are expected in New York financial sectors — not including at Bear Stearns. [DealBook/NYT]

• The Justice Department approved the Sirus-XM satellite-radio merger. That means Howard Stern, Martha Stewart, Judith Regan, and the Rolling Stones will now be mixing and mingling with Oprah. [NYO]
• Did the JPMorgan lawyers screw up the Bear Stearns deal? [WSJ]
• Milberg LLP’s co-founder Melvyn Weiss faces 33 months in prison and a $10 million fine after pleading guilty to a kickback scheme. [Fortune]