Day Four of Eliot Spitzer WhoreGate: Where’s ‘Kristen’?

Okay, so we’ve known the identity of the hooker who hung Eliot Spitzer for nearly two days now, and in that time we’ve heard from her sketchy friends, her family, and a dude who claims to have been her pimp but probably really wasn’t. But where’s Ashley Dupré, a.k.a. Kristen, herself? As AM New York brilliantly points out, “for a call girl, Ashley Dupré sure has proven hard to get ahold of.” The press is camped outside of her tony Chelsea building, but she’s not inside. She doesn’t need to work, because yesterday she made a ton of money off her selling her single on the Internet. But she’s nowhere to be found! Not even at Barbara Walters’s place! While we endure this interminable wait for her spectacular public debut, here’s what we’ve learned about her since yesterday:

• Some people (okay, us) wondered whether she was actually 32, not 22 as has been reported. But it turns out that’s probably wrong. [NYM]
• Spitzer had met with her several times before, but it was only after her last visit that she called her Emperor’s Club bosses and said, “Oh, my God! Do you know who this guy is?” [NYP]

• She will talk to Spitzer’s federal investigators, according to her lawyer, but she has not been charged herself and probably won’t be. [NY1]
• Actually, in general, being a high-class prostitute isn’t as awesome as it sounds. [NYT]
• Music execs kind of hate her single. [Billboard]
• She may have earned “tens of thousands a month” as a call girl, which would explain how she could afford an apartment in the Chelsea Landmark, where studios go for more than $3,000. Also, she didn’t approach escort agencies; they approached her. [NYDN]
• Shockingly, Penthouse and Hustler are after her for a pictorial. []
• Oh, yeah, and surprise! Andrea Peyser hates her. She’s a “busty brat!” [NYP]