The Babies of Jennifer Lopez Are Upon Us!

Max and Emme Anthony

Finally, People has released the first baby photos of J.Lo and Marc Anthony’s infant children, Max and Emme. Their cover is the only one we have so far, but it’s good enough for us, as we’ve been thirsting to look upon them like a penitent yearns for heavenly nourishment. As we predicted, Jennifer didn’t let Marc on the cover with her and the twins. But they are adorable, aren’t they? Except, um. Does it strike you that — never mind. Okay. Well, is it us, or do they take after their dad more than mom? From what we’ve heard about his father’s genetic blessings, that may be a good thing for little Max after he hits puberty. But Emme? Hm. Maybe she’ll get mom’s ass?

WORLD EXCLUSIVE: See Jennifer Lopez’s Twins! [People]