Greenwich Police Chief Disappointed That Real Police Work Not Like TV

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Andrew Kissel, the real-estate developer who was found tied up and stabbed to death two years ago in his Greenwich, Connecticut, home after being found guilty of fraud, probably hired his driver to kill him. Yeah. It’s actually a really dramatic, juicy story, but Greenwich detective chief David Ridberg can’t tell us about it, even though he’s dying to. “I know everybody wants a story, and it’s a good story, and when the warrant is unsealed, you’ll have it,” Ridberg said at a news conference yesterday after arresting the driver, Carlos Trujillo. “I hate to say no comment,” he said glumly. “I’m such a TV-driven guy. I know you want to have it all mapped out and have a Law & Order episode.” The worst part, Ridberg said, was that during the investigation he failed to hear the Law & Order sound even once. The case was built “incrementally,” he said, “so there was no one particular ‘Aha!’ moment that led to the arrest.” Jeez, what are you going to tell us next? That real crimes take more than an hour to solve and most cops aren’t handsome and forensic scientists never wear their hair loose and flowing around their shoulders? Don’t burst our bubble, dude. We’ll wait for the ripped-from-the-headlines reenactment on this one.

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