Is Eliot Spitzer Doing the 12-Step Two-Step?

mrsspitzPhoto: Getty Images

We were wondering how much longer it would take for Eliot Spitzer to admit he is powerless over his mighty public-image problem and that seeking refuge in the bosom of psychotherapy could maybe (probably not, but hey, worth a try!) restore said image to sanity. That moment is here! Spitzer, the New York Post tells us, has entered into therapy to explore whether he has a sex addiction. Treatment typically involves a 12-step program, we hear, which makes us wonder what happens when the former governor gets to the part where he makes direct amends to all those persons he’s harmed. Should Spitzer write out a personal check to former NYSE director Dick Grasso or will a cashier’s check be necessary? Is it necessary to hire ex–Merrill Lyncher Henry Blodget and former AIG chair Hank Greenberg to his landscaping team, or can he get someone else to find them jobs? Perhaps we’re getting ahead of ourselves, but the possibilities are just endless. We, for instance, would appreciate the $43 in dividends we lost the year Spitzer wailed on the mutual-fund industry. We’ll take that cash or COD, Eliot. Thanks and speedy recovery to you! —Maggie Shnayerson

Eliot’s Sexual Healing [NYP]