Is There a Park Slope in Baghdad?

Dumbo: Last night was the first night that passersby could see Adriana Varella’s giant Applied Kinetics projection installation at the foot of the Manhattan Bridge. There are no pictures yet, so go tonight and see it yourself. [DumboNYC]
East Village: A funny guerilla-marketing tactic for a Black Lips show has finally made our favorite advertising blogger smile! With black lips! [Copyranter]
Park Slope: After a kind of annoying string of posts on a couple of real-estate blogs about what neighborhoods are the “Park Slope”s of other cities, this blog just gets right down to business: What is the Park Slope of Iraq? [Gowanus Lounge]

Soho: Just south of the contentious Trump Soho, there’s a development that can make everybody happy — a lovely sculpture garden near the entrance to the Holland Tunnel. [NYT]
West Village: Residents on Community Board 2 were adamant that NYU should not transform parts of Washington Street into a pedestrian-only walkway. Some even “infused a lot of hostility into the entire discussion.” We thought walkways made people happy! [Streetsblog]
Williamsburg: Gene Kaufman is bringing two new residential buildings and one hotel into the hood. [Curbed]