Jamie Dimon: ‘Many’ of Bear’s 14,000 Employees Will Lose Jobs

• JPMorgan Chase chief Jamie Dimon told a crowd of unhappy Bear execs that many of the firm’s 14,000 employees could lose their jobs. [NYT]
• Credit Suisse reduces its 2007 profit figures by, oh, you know, about a billion dollars, owing to a group of rogue traders who caused an intentional pricing error. [CNN]
• Starbucks is trying to hang on to customers as tough economic times decrease people’s coffee budgets. [NYT]

The New Yorker got twelve National Magazine Award nods, while New York and Vanity Fair follow with nine and six nominations, respectively. And Radar got its first! [NYP]
• Did Bear Stearns fold as a result of a media whisper campaign? “Bear Stearns didn’t die. It was killed. And lack of credible information about its situation contributed to its speedy demise. It was a tragedy, by all accounts.” [MarketWatch]
Maxim names Sarah Jessica Parker the “unsexiest woman live.” And SJP does not take it in stride. [NYP]

• A man sues the creators of Law & Order for libel, claiming an off-putting character in the television show was based on him. [NYT]
• If you’re a commodity-market regulator, “right now is a very scary time.” [NYT]
• Law firms are upping their maternity-leave allowances to eighteen weeks. [Law.com]