Jimmy Cayne Gets His Body Guarded

• After a bear of a week last week, Wall Street heads back to work today. [CNN]
• Bear Stearns chairman Jimmy Cayne is walking around the firm’s Madison Avenue offices with an armed bodyguard. [NYP]
• It’s a much-bemoaned fact that there aren’t a lot of women in the upper echelon of business, but in the sector of foundation and endowment management, women have taken the top position at 20 percent of the country’s largest organizations. [DealBook/NYT]

• Bob Schieffer will continue to Face the Nation a little longer; he’s postponing his retirement from CBS. [NYT]
• The Associated Press continues to beef up its entertainment coverage, adding 21 new employees worldwide to report on celebrity happenings. [Deadline Hollywood Daily]
HBO turns Bob Morris’s former New York Times “Sunday Styles” column “Age of Dissonance” into a comedy series, while Plum Sykes is adapting her novel Debutante Divorce for the channel. [WWD]

• A cat owner is charged with animal cruelty for not treating his pet’s swollen and bleeding paw, among its other ailments. [Law.com]
• The Society of Professional Investigators, a group made up of lawyers and genealogists who help track down missing witnesses, lost heirs, delinquent debtors, and people who jump bail, recently had its monthly meeting. [NYT]
• Are the United States’ immigration policies hindering New York’s ability to compete on a global scale? [NYT]