Conan O’Brien Reads, But Does Not Give Recipes to, ‘Good Housekeeping’

•Yesterday the New York Post reported on Tiger Woods’s new $65 million Hamptons pad. The only problem? He didn’t buy the house. [Radar]
Good Housekeeping published Conan O’Brien’s stew recipe in honor of Saint Patrick’s Day. Except it wasn’t actually his recipe. “I’ve never cooked anything in my life. I didn’t send this to them; they completely made this up,” he said, then added: “I love this magazine, I’m not mad or anything.” [WWD]
• After a year of bickering, Dow Jones decided it will no longer carry news from the Associated Press. [Reuters]

• Visa wasn’t truly everywhere you want to be until now: The credit-card company started trading on the New York Stock Exchange this morning after raising a record-setting $17.9 billion in its IPO. [NYP]
• Morgan Stanley’s profits fall but beat analysts’ forecast. Which means CEO John Mack will probably get to keep his job a little longer. [DealBook/NYT]
• Funding for Web 2.0 projects reached a record $1.34 billion last year, but reports suggest the sector is maturing. Is the bubble ready to burst? [Red Herring via DealBook/NYT]

• Busta Rhymes is sentenced to three years’ probation for assaulting his former driver and a fan. “If you mess up, you’re going to jail,” the judge said. “I’ve given you a chance.” [NYT]
• Skadden is set to open an outpost in São Paulo, Brazil. Everyone in the office will be required to wear thongs. Just kidding. []
• Lawyers give funds to Hillary Clinton’s campaign. []