Medical-Examiner Report Shows Male Blood in Linda Stein’s House, According to Defense


Photo: Patrick McMullen

We know drama, so here’s some about the crazy made-for-TV Linda Stein murder case. A new report was issued by the medical examiner’s office showing that blood belonging to a male was found in Stein’s bathroom sink, along with that of her assistant, Natavia Lowery, who is being held without bail on charges that she bludgeoned her boss to death with a bat in October. Phew! The report was released to the public by Lowery’s defense team — the district attorney’s office is characterizing the new evidence as a “tiny speck of blood,” according to ABC News. Bottom line? Not enough evidence yet to suggest a mystery man was involved in Stein’s death or to exonerate Lowery, but it’s certainly enough to make the Law & Order sound! Play to your heart’s content and be warned that we may start appending the audio to just about anything we please. —Maggie Shnayerson
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