Old Lady Nearly Killed by Hotel Shower Is Angry in $100 Million Kinds of Ways


Photo Illustration: iStockphoto

This poor, poor lady. First 79-year-old Ethel Tropez endured the floods of Hurricane Katrina in her hometown of Live Oak, Texas (no, we are not making these names up), and then she comes to New York City, all refugee style, and is promptly scalded to within an inch of her life by her shower at the swanky Chandler Hotel in midtown. She and H20 are not friends! Tropez has slapped the hotel with a $100 million negligence lawsuit, which is sort of an understandable instinct considering she was trapped in the stall (you know, with the scalding water?) for um, half an hour. The water “was close to boiling,” her lawyer told the AP. “It was hot enough to burn her skin off. She suffered third-degree burns. It was awful.” God, it sounds awful. Also sort of awful? The central photograph on the “Rooms” page of the Chandler Hotel’s Website. People, switch in a shot of the minibar for goodness sake.