Rupert Murdoch Isn’t Ruining the ‘Journal’ — the Reporters Are

• You know how the stories in The Wall Street Journal have gotten punchier and shorter? Yeah, well, apparently it is not the great soft hand of Rupert Murdoch making these changes. The journalists are cleaving to him of their own free will. “Our people are doing this in advance, I think, to make him happy,” a reporter told the Washington Post. [WP]
• “Is the Hillary Clinton campaign staffed with morons or do they just not care anymore? It is unbelievable that on the night before the Texas and Ohio (and Vermont and Rhode Island) primaries they would set up an impromptu press room in a freaking men’s bathroom, complete with urinals.” [HuffPo]
• Fox and CNN to go head-to-head. [Mixed Media/Portfolio]

• The skydiver who tried to jump from the top of the Empire State Building in 2006 ruined it for us all: A court ruled that New Yorkers can’t leap from the 86th-floor observation deck — even with a parachute. [NYT]
• A judge says that jurors can’t be excluded from a jury based on their nationality. [NYT]
• If the Person-Pants Act passes, dry cleaners in the state of Maryland would have to pay customers for clothing they damage. No offense to our neighborhood dry cleaner, but could we perhaps try to make this federal legislation? [WSJ]

• New guidelines for giving bankers bonuses are in the works. Could this mean the end of the huge-paycheck era? The meatpacking district certainly hopes not. Who would pay for bottle service? [DealBook/NYT]
• After yesterday’s news that even oil sheikhs might not be able to save Citigroup, the bank’s stock plummeted to a nine-year low. [NYP]
• Pete Peterson, Larry Ellison, and the Chandler family all had billion-dollar paydays in 2007, and a bunch of other dudes had windfalls in the high multimillions. Whatever happened to trickle-down theory? [VF]