Some People Would Pay Eliot Spitzer to Take His Clothes Off

Playgirl would pay big money to get Eliot Spitzer naked in its pages. “Seriously,” the magazine’s Website says, “get in touch with us. We’re ready to make you a very attractive offer.” But how attractive will it be to their audience? [Swamp/Baltimore Sun]
• There’s a way you can bypass The Wall Street Journal’s subscription fee and peruse the articles online for free. Want to bet on how long it takes Rupert Murdoch to fix this loophole? [Machinist/Salon]
• MarketWatch’s Jon Friedman thinks the National Magazine Awards “are a crock.” See for yourself: You can read all of this year’s ASME-nominated articles
at the Huffington Post. [MarketWatch, HuffPo]

• Breathe easy today: The stock market is closed. [Fox Business]
• Goliath Goldman is set to cut 15 percent of its capital-markets unit. [NYP]
• Meanwhile, Citigroup plans to cut 2,000 more jobs. [DealBook/NYT]

• A building inspector has been charged with faking a report that he visited the site where the crane fell in Midtown East. [NYT]
• An agent used sexual blackmail when doling out green cards. [NYT]
• A correction officer working in an anti-terrorism unit of the NYPD claims that after he sued the department over alleged anti-Arab and anti-Muslim e-mails, he was transferred from an undercover assignment to a dead-end position. [NYT]