Spitzer’s Departure Bad for Moynihan Station, Too!

Cobble Hill: Just as young parents here suffer the creeping feeling that their edgy youthful coolness is slipping away between their fingers, along comes an Urban Outfitters to profit off all their insecurities! [Cobble Hill Blog]
Clinton: Spitzer’s resignation may put a further drag on the development of Hudson Yards and Moynihan Station, already slowed by the credit crisis. [Crain’s NY]
East Village: Lest you think Trader Joe’s mania was dropping off, please note that the line to get in was back this weekend. No frozen organic brown rice for you, little low-income vegan! [East Village Idiot]

Long Island City: Come this summer, you will never again boogie down at P.S. 1 or party at Water Taxi Beach and still be gaily oblivious to the reality that countless locals find you highly annoying. [Queens Gazette] via [Queens Crap]
Soho: David Byrne is among the many locals that supports closing Prince Street off to car traffic on Sunday afternoons. This ain’t no car-park! This ain’t no gridlock! This ain’t no drive up and down! [journal.davidbyrne.com] via [Gridskipper]
South Slope: Here’s everything you ever wanted to know about the hood that’s on a slippery, uh, slope to becoming a new version of its stroller-warring northern counterpart. [amNY]
West Village: A longtime holdout on the once-sleazy, increasingly posh west end of Christopher Street, Badlands Adult Video is for rent … at $40,000 a month. That’s a lotta peep-booth visits! [Jeremiah’s Vanishing NY]