Stuy Town Residents Finally Get to Have Puppies!

Lower East Side: Things are getting back to normal after the Grand Street–apartment fire that sent 45 people, including 30 firefighters, to the hospital last night. While the apartment where the fire started was destroyed, most of the building wasn’t damaged. [NY1]
Stuyvestant Town: Peter Cooper Village owner Tishman Speyer changed the no-pets policy: Residents can finally have puppies! Cuddly, scrumptious puppies! The residents there must be so happy, right? Um, no: “We will now have sidewalks like the rest of the city with puddles of urine and smears of dog poop,” grumbles one. [StuyTown message board via Curbed]

Turtle Bay: Realtors are already brushing off the crane collapse that killed seven people last week. “It’s just like when a plane crashed into the building on 72nd Street,” said Susan Krupp of Bellmarc Realty. “People will forget after a few weeks, and once it’s out of peoples’ minds, things will go back to normal.” Nice. [NYO]
Union Square: Get yourself some Orbit! There’s going to be a French kissathon in Union Square tomorrow, sponsored by a bunch of Frenchies. [Gridskipper]
Greenwich Village: The Greenwich Village Historical Society is seriously fired up by St. Vincent’s Hospital and the Rudin Company’s plans to demolish buildings and replace them with new hospital facilities and luxury condos. The hearing is April 1. [Blog Chelsea]
Windsor Terrace: P.S. 154 became the first in the city this week to abandon Styrofoam trays in favor of “green” sugarcane versions — without the financial support of the Department of Education. [Brooklyn Paper]