TMI Index for Politicians: Some Scandalous Details Are Best Left Unknown

It’s been a rough couple of weeks for anyone who likes their news served with a dash of modesty. First there was Spitzer, his prostitution ring, the $80,000, and “Kristen,” then David Paterson had a few things he wanted to share with us (we’re not sure if he’s done yet), and then Jim McGreevey reappeared! Turns out he had a three-way in the library with Professor Plum and a candlestick.

Frankly, we’re a little exhausted. Do we really need to know every last sordid detail of our politicians’ sex lives (not to mention their drug histories)? Ever since the Clinton impeachment, it’s not enough simply to catch them in the act — now the act must be described in vivid detail, too. There’s a point in every scandal when you suddenly just don’t want to hear any more. And so we’ve created a TMI Index for Politicians to chart the moments when titillation turns to revulsion. Click, enlarge, shudder. And then try to forget. —Jessica Coen