Toxic Wind Blows From Gowanus

Bedford-Stuyvesant: Many of the streets in this mostly black hood are named for slaveholders (Jefferson Avenue, anyone?) or slave traders, and councilman Al Vann wants to change that. [Brooklyn Ron]
Chelsea: The Barnes & Noble on Sixth Avenue will close next Monday, and as of right now, chaos is reigning. Books are 50 percent off, shelves are empty, and employees are running around half-crazed. Who’ll be the next tenant? Maybe a bank mall? [Racked]
Gowanus: Cleanup has begun at the contaminated Public Place site between Smith Street and Gowanus Canal, but locals fret the job will spew toxic dust into the air. [Gowanus Lounge]

Harlem: Claudia Schiffer put on a dark bobbed wig for a twenties-era photo shoot for Lagerfeld, here in “New York’s rejuvenated district.” [China Daily via Uptown Flavor]
Midtown East: Check out these terrifying close-up pics of the damage the huge crane did to nearby apartments. Plus, overall crane accidents were up from ‘06 to ‘07. [A Medium Format via Curbed]
Upper East Side: This blogger’s out to name and shame the bar Most Likely to Let Couples Come In With Strollers and Poopy-Smelling Babies. [78thand2nd]
Willets Point: A Queens council member says he won’t back the mayor’s big redo here because the borough’s not getting enough low-income housing. [NYDN]