Will Arnett, Congestion-Pricing Vigilante

Will Arnett

Photo: WireImage

Congestion pricing may have the city’s pols in a hubbub, but dedicated bike rider Will Arnett is proud to be part of the solution, not part of the problem. “It’s my number one mode of transportation,” he says. Even on the rare occasion he drives his Subaru around town, he says, “I’m very conscientious—I’m always looking out for the person on the bike. Because that person on the bike could be me. Public service announcement! Come on, Mayor Bloomberg!” But drive in the bike lane, Arnett warns, and you’ll be sorry you ever spent eight bucks to go south of 61st Street. “I got into it with a guy and his buddies in a car about a year ago,” he says. “License plate: Yellow and white. I forget what state that was. Oh wait! Jersey.” As if that wasn’t offensive enough, he says, “They cut me off and were kind of laughing, and I said something and the guy kept laughing. So I chased them down. They got gridlocked. I caught up to them and was like, ‘Eh, pretty funny, huh?!’ And then I spat on the guy’s windshield and took off.” He’d decided at the last minute against banging on the hood and shouting, ‘I’m biking here! I’m biking here!’ “I didn’t want there to be any physical damage,” Arnett says, “because then he could prove it. They’re not going to take DNA for a spit infraction. Way too costly.”—Jada Yuan