Will ‘Kristen’ Get a High Rate From the Media, Too?

• How did the New York Times get the Spitzer scoop anyway? [NYO]
• “CNN Admits: We Shouldn’t Have Used Alleged Stripper Biter As Spitzer Commentator.” [AP via HuffPo]
• Bids for an interviews with “Kristen,” the prostitute who slept with “Client 9,” are reportedly up to $100,000. [Guest of a Guest]

•In a move that sent stock prices soaring, the Federal Reserve offered to let Wall Street banks borrow up to $200 billion. Although some worry that this capital infusion might just be a Band-Aid. “They are essentially creating a $300 billion bank out of nothing,” one analyst said. [NYT]
• Why is Henry Kravis’s KKR holding off on its IPO? [DealBook/NYT]
• Goldman head honcho Lloyd Blankfein, whose car budget was $233,000 last year, needs transportation for “security reasons.” [Footnoted]

• Watch what you put on YouTube! Like the man who was tasered by a highway cop, your videos could land you in court. [Lede/NYT]
• Former New York Stock Exchange chairman Dick Grasso can’t get rid of the judge in the lawsuit that challenges his $190 million compensation package. [NYP]
• In day two of the Barry Diller–John Malone negotiations, Malone flunky Gregory Maffei told a Delaware court that it was he who pushed for the suit against Malone’s longtime partner. “John Malone considered Barry Diller a friend,” he said. “Because of the friendship, I don’t think (he) was willing to tackle some of the issues. I have been in effect the point person. I don’t believe it’s a personal matter.” Does this make Diller feel better? Unclear. [Portfolio]