World, Please Welcome Max and Emme Lo!

Max and Emme Lo

Photo: iStockphoto

We don’t know how we missed this, but apparently, Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony named their babies! The twins are called Max and Emme. Max was born at six pounds even, and Emme was a petite 5.7 pounds. They might have been named after a PBS show called Dragon Tales, TMZ tells us, but then what do they know. Anyway, they are pictured above. Kidding! Those aren’t Max and Emme. We’re going to have to wait until they are un-red and un-crinkly and are photographed for People to see what they really look like, but in the meantime we figured, why wait? With modern technology, we can just imagine what they look like.

Max and Emme Lo

Photo Illustration: Getty Images, iStockphoto

And just like that, we saved ourselves $6 million. Guess you’re feeling pretty silly NOW, People magazine.

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