Alex McCord Regrets the Creepy Nude Photo Shoot

Photo: Patrick McMullan

Alex McCord may have said that she didn't mind those nude photos of her that surfaced on the Internet. But it turns out her lawyer minds. A lot. Just last week, the Real Housewives of New York City star reacted casually when talking with People magazine about the scandal, calling it a “non-issue” (so French!). But photographer Mike Boyd tells Jezebel that since the shots surfaced online, he’s been receiving threatening e-mails and calls from the couple's lawyers, despite the fact that McCord signed a release.

So why the sudden change of heart about the Kubrickian pictorial? Did McCord finally realize the magnitude of her actions, namely how terrifying it is seeing a naked human being topped only with a Mardi Gras mask? Nope. Says Boyd: "Alex told me she thinks she looks fat in some of them." See a copy of the release here (just $100 to sign your boobs away — sacre bleu), and if you missed the pseudo-gimp porn shots the first time around, click here. You're welcome. —Noelle Hancock