Bloomberg to Solve Country’s Problems the Old-fashioned Way: With Self-help Book

Mayor Bloomberg

Photo: Getty Images

For people who thought that maybe Mayor Bloomberg would take time off to write a book after he finishes his second term, well, you’re quite wrong. See, Hizzoner doesn’t need to take time off to write a book — he can do it perfectly well in his spare time while he’s running the city! See, he’s already working on his new tome, Do the Hard Things First (and Other Bloomberg Rules for Business and Politics), and it will come out later this year. The perky politician, whose Bloomberg LP is worth roughly $13 billion, isn’t receiving an advance and will donate the royalties to the World Trade Center Memorial Foundation. From the Journal:

Over the course of both my private and public sector careers, I’ve learned a set of rules that I believe offer guidance that people of all professions will find useful,” Mayor Bloomberg, 66 years old, wrote in a release. “In this book I’ve summed up these rules and my experience in how to follow them: from how to build a first-rate team, to create the conditions for innovation, and to know when to say ‘yes’ to your customers and when to say ’no.’”

Sounds great. We just hope there’s a chapter on how to say “No” for months (when people ask you, say, about running for president) but get the point across that you really mean “Yes.” Because we always wanted to know how he did that.

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