Brooklyn Has Done Busy Philipps Wrong

Busy Philipps

No longer a slut.Photo: WireImage

L.A. resident Busy Philipps has an interesting impression of Brooklyn, the borough where her pal Michelle Williams and goddaughter Matilda Ledger live. “I found some people in Brooklyn to be very rude to me the last time I was there”, Philipps told us at the premiere of her new movie, Made of Honor, at the Ziegfeld last night. “I ended up on this Website called ‘Gawker,’ and they said that I was making out with someone, and it was right after I had gotten married. I was really upset about it, because I wasn’t.” It was last summer, after a Modest Mouse show at McCarren Pool, when Philipps hit the bars in Williamsburg, she told us. “But there was no making out with some dude.” Philipps let the Website know. “I had just gotten married, and to read that about yourself! It sucks, you know? Some girl was like, ‘Busy Philipps was a slut and made out with my ex-boyfriend.’ Now, I may have been a slut in the past, and I may have made out with her ex-boyfriend in the past, but I didn’t that night, so I wanted to set the record straight,” she said. This whole kerfuffle made a larger point about the lameness of Brooklyn, Philipps pointed out. “In Los Angeles there are, I guess, much bigger fish to fry, so I never get written about in anything, ever,” she said. “But I got written up in some gossip thing in Brooklyn??” —Bennett Marcus