CNN Capitalizes on Its Own Callous Wordplay

CNN Headlines


After years of getting teased for their comical (and sometimes so, so wrong) headline writing, has come up with the idea of selling T-shirts to celebrate their wit. Now, if you look closely at the “Latest Headlines” list, you will see a little logo next to some of them that looks like a T-shirt. Examining the screen-grabbed list to the left, you’ll see that only a few of the headlines have the option to be emblazoned on cotton. “Free prom dresses honor girl’s memory” is apparently okay to wear across your chest, but not “20 bodies found floating near Bahamas.” Which we think is a real loss., if you’re going to ironically nod to your own awkwardness, you might as well go full bore. We would definitely wear a shirt that said “Star goes full frontal for ‘Sarah Marshall,’” and very probably we also would wear one that said “Polygamist ranch kids get DNA tests.” But “Weird fish leave sea, spawn on beach”? That’s just trying too hard.

CNN Headline T-shirt


See? Somehow not funny.

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