David Ortiz ‘Curse’ Jersey Up to $30K on eBay

Remember that David Ortiz jersey that the Yankees dug up from their new stadium last weekend? The one Hank Steinbrenner referred to as “a bunch of bullshit” in the Post? Well, apparently there’s quite a market for said “bullshit,” because the Jimmy Fund, a Boston-based cancer charity, is auctioning it off on eBay. As of the time this post went up, it had 99 bids — highest of which is $30,101. It’s for charity, so we guess that’s great and all, but Holy Joba, 30 grand for a baseball jersey?! UniWatch’s Paul Lukas has already pointed out that it is a cheap replica jersey. Even in the world of gimmicky Boston jerseys auctioned off by the Jimmy Fund, that’s a high price; ESPN.com columnist Bill Simmons donated what he considered an unlucky Patriots jersey after New England lost the Super Bowl, and it only garnered a measly $5,100.14. We wonder if the buyer is even a Sox fan — since the only thing it seems to have cursed is Ortiz himself, who’s hitting just .121 so far this season. —Joe DeLessio

Ortiz “Yankees Curse” Jersey to benefit the Jimmy Fund [eBay]