Harvey Weinstein: ‘I’m the Right Guy to Choose Political People’

Harvey Weinstein and Georgina Chapman

Harvey and Georgina. God, she’s pretty.Photo: Getty Images

When we ran into Harvey Weinstein (and his lovely bride, Georgina) at the MoMA screening of Leatherheads last night, we asked him if he (like everyone) had ever been a victim of a practical joke by star George Clooney. His answer delighted us:

I did From Dusk Til Dawn with George Clooney, and we did the first movie that George directed, Confessions of a Dangerous Mind, and as a Hillary Clinton supporter, I know he’s secretly a Hillary Clinton supporter, and he is playing one big practical joke by supporting Barack Obama. I know that down deep where he lives, he’s really supporting me and knows that I’m the right guy to choose political people.

Hear that, Hollywood? A vote for Hillary is a vote for Harvey. And that’s not a promise. It’s a threat. — Bennett Marcus

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