Hillary Clinton Does Not Want George Bush Running Around With Any Torches

Hillary Clinton

Photo: Getty Images

Hillary Clinton just found a way to move the Democratic campaign dialogue past Mark Penn’s startling fall from grace yesterday. She’s called upon President George Bush to boycott the Olympic opening ceremony in Beijing this August, to protest China’s support of the government in Darfur and their backlash against protests recently in Tibet. Clinton has been building an argument against a strong U.S. relationship with China for a few months now. And she’s following in House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s footsteps in arguing for a boycott. According to Politico.com, Clinton accuses the Bush administration of downplaying human rights in its China policy. Bush, for his part, hasn’t attended an opening ceremony since the Salt Lake City games in 2002, which were, obviously, in America. But he does plan on attending the Beijing Olympics at some point or another. We’re interested in seeing what he will do, since having Hillary Clinton and Nancy Pelosi order a guy around is known to be the best way to get a Republican to do something.

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