Jean Nouvel Brings in the Big Guns

Chelsea: Police Commish Ray Kelly is pissed that MSG honcho Jim Dolan’s taking so long to put a security perimeter around Penn Station … and he’s put it all in a letter! [WNBC]Harlem: The recent death of a grad student hit by a car while he fled local thug types has brought to the surface some icky racial feelings among Columbia students … and that dismays this (male!) women’s-studies major. [Columbia Spectator via Uptown Flavor]
Midtown: Pritzker Prize winner Jean Nouvel got help from fellow starchitect David Childs yesterday in defending plans for his so-called MoMA Tower, but local opponents still called the building big and ugly … right to his French face. [Curbed]
Prospect Lefferts: The overstuffed pre-K Maple St. School may get more floor space in the big glass tower planned for next door. More room for those cute, little multiculti kids in their cute, little matching school vests! [Brownstoner]

Red Hook: We seriously hope you didn’t think that just because a big, shiny Ikea is coming to Beard Street that they’d stop stripping and torching vehicles there. Because they haven’t. [Gowanus Lounge]
Washington Heights: Thankfully, an 83-year-old granny shot in the ankle by a stray bullet has survived. The shooter’s still at-large. Did we miss this scene in In the Heights? [NYDN]
Williamsburg: Wowza, look at the groovy plans for the big, new riverside park slated for just north of East River State Park. The transformation from a parking lot will start this fall. [Curbed]