Kelly Ripa’s Son Thinks She is Regis’s Secretary

Kelly Ripa

Photo: Getty Images

We caught up with Kelly Ripa at Glass Houses the other day, as she was announcing Electrolux’s new line of premium appliances. Because we were at such a homemakey event, we asked her about her home skills. “I am a mom. I am not really a celebrity,” she laughed to us. “You ask Joaquin, my youngest, what I do for a living and he will tell you that I’m Regis Philbin’s secretary. It’s really cute.” But the other mothers at your children’s schools must be intimidated by you, right? You’re so big, at the same time as being so small! “No! Nobody cares,” Ripa explained. “And really I’m very close with the other parents, so we all know each other really well. We socialize together. It’s so funny I keep getting these text messages today saying ‘Are you done yet? Are you coming to exercise class?’ My moms are like, ‘When are you getting out of there? Meet us at Saks for lunch!’” No, Kelly. They don’t realize you’re famous at all. —Shira Levine