Knicks Try to Entice People to Game With Free Food

Donnie Walsh

Donnie Walsh and Jimmy Dolan just want you to like them.Photo: Getty Images

It’s pretzel time, son! The Knicks are offering free food and soda to all fans who attend tonight’s home finale against the Boston Celtics. We doubt that new team president Donnie Walsh made the Knicks plan this particular gesture before he accepted the job, but it does jibe with his wishes for better relations with the fans and the media. Although the Knicks are, of course, terrible, and this game means nothing, it appears to be a hot ticket on Craigslist. That’s probably mostly because of all the Boston partisans hoping to catch the league-leading Celts in one of their last games before the playoffs, but the fact that the tickets now feature what economists like to call “indexed Italian-sausage margins” must have something to do with it too. The only loser in all of this appears to be the guy on Craigslist named “Steve” who’s trying to unload his Madison Square Garden hot-dog vouchers. —Ben Mathis-Lilley